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Happy Hug day 2016 SMS, Wishes, Quotes, Wallpaper, Images, Shayari, and Messages: Wishing you a very happy Hug Day 2016. A hug is the simplest form of love that gives you exact feel of your love and tied your relationship in real love bonding. This is one of the special days in valentine’s week and it is celebrated on 12th February. On this special day people hug each other, show their feelings and wish them Happy Hug Day. To make this day more interesting they send Happy Hug day 2016 SMS, Images, Shayari, Wishes, Quotes, Wallpaper etc. to someone special and express their love. Just download these and wish to all Happy Hug day 2016.

Happy Hug day 2016 SMS

  • What dheart gives away is never gone,
    but kept in dhearts of others,
    from dusk 2 dawn.
    Hug Day u from dcore of my heart. Happy Hug day 2016.
  • Love is Special, Love is Rr; Love is made 4 two 2 Shr.. Love is Gentle, Love is Blind, Love begins wen 2 Hearts combine! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY..

  • TaLk 2 me wHen i’m boReD,
    kiSS me wHen i’m saD,
    hug me wHen i cRy,
    caRe 4 me wHen i diE,
    loVe me When i’m sTill Alive.
    Happy hug dAY……Happy Hug day 2016.

Happy Hug day 2016 Wishes

  • This hug will make u feel
    SO GOOD!
    Can u feel it?
    Best wishes 2 u on this hug day. Happy Hug day 2016.
    1. Heart receive luv,
      Mind receive wisdom,
      Hand receive gifts &
      Only special person receive my SMS just like u my luv.
    Keep it going by passing
    this hug on 2 ur friends.
    Enjoyable Hug Day. Happy Hug day 2016.
  • I know dat when u were little u used 2 dream of a handsome and brave prince who would make u happy and would protect u from all d bad things in life. Let me make dat happen 4 u! Happy Valentine’s Day 2 a very special lady!

Happy Hug day 2016 Quotes

  • I suddenly remember being very little and being embraced by my father. I would try 2 put my arms around my father’s waist, hug him back. I could never reach dwhole way around dequa2r of his body; he was that much larger than life. Then one day, I could do it. I held him, instead of him holding me, and ol I wanted at that moment was 2 have it back dother way.” Happy Hug day 2016.
  • I’m not asking 4 diamonds or roses dis Valentine’s Day. I have ur love and it is all dat I need. U’re an amazing man and I love u dearly. Happy Valentine’s Day!
happy hug day 2015 quotes for friends
  • “I have two hands, so when I’m networking and I meet two new people, is it OK 2 shake both their hands at once? Or would it be more appropriate 2 organize a group hug?” Happy Hug day 2016.
Happy Hug Day Best Wallpaper

Happy Hug day 2016 Wallpapers

  • Ur arms were always open when I needed a hug.
    ur heart unders2od when I needed a friend.
    ur gentle eyes were stern when I needed a lesson.
    ur strength and love has guided me & gave me wings.
    Wishing u a happy hug day………Happy Hug day 2016.
  • I Love u more 2day than I did yesterday,
    But not as much as I will 2morrow.
    Happy Hug day 2016.

Happy Hug day 2016 Images

  • Never ask 4 a hug Just take it
    Never ask Do U Love me Say I Love u
    Never say I Can’t live without u
    Say I live 4 u. u’ve been trained
    Now go and FLIRT ! Happy Hug day 2016.
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  • Hug someone u love and tell how much u care because
    When they are gone no matter how loud u shout and
    Cry they won’t hear u anymore. Happy Hug day 2016.
hug 6

Happy Hug day 2016 Shayari

  • When my arms can’t reach people
    Who are close 2 my heart,
    I always hug them with my prayers.
    May God grant u
    What ur heart desires and keep u happy.. Happy Hug day 2016.
hug-day-blogAlone? I’ll be ur shadow.
Want 2 cry? Here’s my shoulder.
Need a hug? I’ll hold u tight.
Bcoz where ur strength ends,
My worth of being ur love begins. Happy Hug day 2016.

Happy Hug day 2016 Messages

  • Got a gift 4 u!
    No cost!
    No batteries required! Tax free,
    Per4ms silently, extremely personal!
    Fully returnable!
    Its a hug from ME 2 U!! Happy Hug day 2016.
  • Cutest proposal ever by a boy of 5th standard-
    Boy- Do u hug ur teddy bear while sleeping at night??
    Gal- Yes!
    Boy- Can I replace it 4 drest of ur life?? Happy Hug day 2016.
Happy Hug Day 2016 Animated Gif Images
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